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About 13 Plus

“Your well-being is ours for caring”

Inspired by the events of Covid-19, we have spent more time focusing on healthcare and our well-being. 13Plus was created as a subsidiary to 13 Honey with its sole purpose to be your one-stop place for all things nourishing and nutritional here in Singapore. Which is why the “plus” in 13Plus represents positivity, wellness and restoration.

We bring to you a fresh concept to provide quality health supplements and products to the market in Singapore for the sole purpose of improving your wellness!

Sharing family recipes passed from generations, 13Plus combines these home remedies with Food Technology to give you

13Plus is committed to not being 100% commercial! Readily invested in R&D and Food Technology, we want to ensure that our family recipes are scientifically proven to boost your health! Not just for taste but for the benefits too!

We believe good health stems from the oriental principles of — Cleansing, Rejuvenating, and Revitalising — and that all these can be achieved through the consumption of quality honey.

Following this belief, years of innovative and intensive research and development have been conducted to ensure that the purest of honey is produced in environmentally-friendly ways. You can rest assure that every spoonful of golden goodness you savour not only adds to your wellbeing, but also contributes to a better environment for all of us.

Being a youthful, strong, and dynamic team comprising of forward-looking, enthusiastic, and passionate individuals, 13 Honey aims to prove that, despite tough times and a weak economy, a successful business can be built and the world made a better place at the same time.


Listen to the Beekeepers

At 13 Honey, all of our honey products come straight from our very own bee farm. 

From beekeeping to distribution, each process is carried out to the highest standards

 — to ensure our honey is kept in its most excellent condition all the way to your table.

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